Technical Service Position

Technical Service Position

Position monthly salary: 3000-5000 yuan

Nature of work: full-time work experience: unlimited

Minimum academic level: Unlimited Number of recruits: 3

Job Categories: Technical Service Jobs

Corporate Welfare: Five insurances, one year bonus, year-end bonus, paid annual leave, seniority pay, employee health check, employee activity


Job Responsibilities:

1, responsible for marketing, after-sales service and technical support;

2, responsible for user technical training and guidance;

3. Collect relevant frontier dynamic information from the same industry and regularly produce market information briefs.


job requirements:

1. College degree or above, agronomy, forestry, crop cultivation and related majors;

2. More than one year of relevant work experience in agro-forestry; those with relevant agroforestry sales experience are preferred;

3, with a more solid professional foundation;

4, have better development and communication skills.

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